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The Secret’s Out: Invisalign is how anyone can get a celebrity smile

Invisalign clear aligners became available to the public in 1999, but seems to have been a well kept secret for it’s first few years. Today however, the secret is out. In 2016 Invisalign celebrated their 4 millionth smile!

This transparent alternative to braces earned popularity with celebrities do to their effectiveness, the difficulty to detect, and their short average treatment time of just 13.5 months.

As public awareness of Invisalign grew, it jumped into mainstream use – reaching 4 million treatments in just half the time it took to reach their first 1 million treatments.

For some, these aligners have done more than just giving them a celebrity smile. Matthew Webb, the 4 millionth Invisalign patient, has earned some fame himself. He is now the face of Invisalign’s 4 Million Smiles campaign.

See Webb talking about his journey here:


Invisalign in The Entertainment Industry

For people in the entertainment industry a beautiful smile is an important part of their image and brand. It can be the difference maker in gaining work, fame, and in winning over audiences. So it’s no surprise many celebrities count on Invisalign clear braces to discretely perfect their smiles.


By choosing Invisalign, they are choosing the most technologically advanced clear braces available. Today, it’s not just celebrities, but millions of people like you who are turning to Invisalign. The convenience and efficacy they provide lead to many broad smiles and satisfied patients, because Invisalign inserts are precisely molded to make the alterations to each individual patient’s particular smile.

Unlike braces, Invisalign helps you get the smile you want without obstructing your teeth with brackets and wires.

Celebrities from around the globe count on Invisalign to keep their smiles beautiful without some of the inconveniences which come with traditional wire-and-bracket braces. Invisalign is one of the top choices for discreet orthodontic correction because it doesn’t interrupt your life, whether you’re a public personality, a sports star, or a regular person.

Invisalign Celebrity Smiles

Khloe Kardashian


Khloe Kardashian opted for Invisalign treatment to complement the weight loss audiences watched her undergo during the popular television series, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

Justin Bieber


Canada’s own Justin Bieber underwent Invisalign treatment while his song Baby was a chart-topper in 2010. In a popular Youtube video, Justin praises the discrete look the Invisalign braces provide while straightening his teeth for the perfect teenie-bopper look.

Tom Cruise


While filming the hugely popular sci-fi thriller Minority Report, film star Tom Cruise donned clear braces to straighten his teeth. Cruise was 40 at the time, proving that it’s never too late to get a set of Invisalign aligners to get the smile you want. Despite all the attention, only those close to him knew of his orthodontic treatment.

Gisele Bundchen


Model Gisele Bundchen revealed in an interview that she was wearing Invisalign clear braces overnight because she noticed that from certain angles it looked like she was missing a tooth. Invisalign allowed Mrs. Bundchen enhance her appearance without interrupting her career.

Zac Efron


After garnering massive success and popularity in his High School Musical role, Zac Efron moved on to more serious, adult roles. He felt that along with the shift in his career, his teeth could use a shift closer together. The right answer for Zac was Invisalign. See if Invisalign is the right choice for you.

Keira Knightley


Another gorgeous actress who opted for invisible braces is England’s Keira Knightley. She became an Invisalign patient seeking to correct a few shifted teeth after gaining fame as an actress and model.

Anna Kendrick


Anna Kendrick revealed her invisalign treatment in a 2013 tweet, showing her fans an Invisalign clear braces case which her entourage had labelled “Anna’s Grillz.” Although people close to Kendrick new about her Invisalign treatment, the general public would have been completely unaware if she hadn’t tweeted an image of her Invisalign case.

Serena Williams


Serena Williams must have wanted to look good for all the Grand Slams she expected to win when she chose to wear Invisalign clear braces as a teen. With Invisalign, nothing was stopping her from improving her smile while improve her tennis game.

The stars listed above are likely just a few of the public figures undergoing discreet smile improvement with Invisalign. Plenty of testimonials from ordinary people are available from the Invisalign website. You can view before and after comparisons and read people’s reaction to, and satisfaction with, the treatment.

Considering joining the satisfied Invisalign patients? Whether your teeth are crowded, gapped, or you have a crossbite, we can custom mould a pair of Invisalign braces to correct your condition. Financing options are available at our Yorkville cosmetic dentistry clinic, simply make an appointment for a consultation to address any questions you have.

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